Watch Dogs On Wii U Missing Out On DLC


UPDATE: The Watch Dogs Twitter account eventually did re-confirm through answering another user that yes, Watch Dogs on Wii U will not have DLC.

ORIGINAL: As what seems to be the case when the Wii U ultimately does get a third-party blockbuster title from a big publisher, it appears as though Watch Dogs on the Wii U will not be receiving any DLC. This comes from a tweet from the official Watch Dogs Twitter account, which has since been deleted. However, it had been posted on the Wii U subreddit, with a tweet-reading bot quoting the exchange in its entirety (bold emphasis is mine):

"@snowyday2:2014-09-24 16:29:10@watchdogsgame @Ubisoft Please give Wii U the Seasson [sic] Pass for this game@watchdogsgame:2014-09-24 16:30:36@snowyday2 Unfortunately, the DLC will not be available for the WiiU_"

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If Watch Dogs on the Wii U comes out in November and truly doesn’t receive DLC, it will join the ranks of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black FlagCall of Duty: Ghosts and other third-party titles that are released without a post-launch content model that other consoles do support.

Right now, we don’t know why the tweet was deleted (it could be because the person handling the Twitter account was wrong), so we have to regard this as a rumor right now. Even if it is the case, can you really blame Ubisoft at this point? I’ve seen a lot of backlash aimed at Ubisoft just from the timeline of retweets from Twitter user @snowyday2 (who initially asked the question) based off of this news, but that’s really doing what Ubisoft has done for the Wii U a great deal of disservice.

Remember, this is the company that released a brand-new IP in ZombiU for the Wii U’s launch. The sales of the Wii U (which they were not responsible for) were too poor for there to be any hope for a sequel to the title. This is the company that were originally going to release their newest Rayman title exclusively on the Wii U, only for disappointing console sales (yet again) forcing them to release on multiple other platforms just to make their money back. Ubisoft has been burning through a lot of money trying to support Nintendo and the Wii U; the fact that Watch Dogs is even coming out on the Wii U at all is a miracle.

The anger shouldn’t be over Ubisoft not dumping more of their money into providing a full slate of DLC for Watch Dogs. The disappointment, for me, lies in Nintendo in not making a platform viable for third party titles.

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