Video: 8 Bit Games Get The Freerunner Treatment


Video games and its characters receive tributes and signs of appreciation from all other forms of outside media. TV, comic books and films have all spawned various projects that originated from a property within video games. Art begets other forms of art. That’s why it’s of no surprise that even freerunners are getting in the action, as Jason Paul has teamed up with Red Bull to showcase their tribute to 8 bit video games.

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For those who may be unaware, freerunning is the act of expression through the environment around oneself without limitation. It’s a more open version of Parkour, as freerunning allows for more expressive techniques like front flips, back flips and wall flips, while Parkour focuses mostly on speedy efficiency of traversal between point A and point B.

The 8 bit details are all there in the video; the pixelated background design, the chiptune soundtrack, the NES-era sound effects and the general aesthetic that reminds you of the sidescroller fighting genre. Plus, it helps that the runner involved is very skilled, as he pulls off great leaps over objects with ease. The fact that the entirety of the run takes place on a moving train just adds to the skill requirements necessary of both the hero and “the boss.” Who says that video game players are always stuck inside?

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