PlayStation TV Coming October 14th


Want to play your PS4 on another TV without the hassle of moving it from the one it’s hooked up to? Want to play Vita, PS One and PSP games on your TV? You may want to look into the PlayStation TV coming October 14th.

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PlayStation TV will launch October 14th at $99.99 for the console by itself, but will also be available in a bundle for $139.99 with an 8 gb memory card and The Lego Movie Video Game. Walmart will have the bundle with the addition of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, so that’s probably the better deal.

PlayStation TV will have over 700 games from the library of Vita, PS One and PSP titles (through PSN), including great Vita games like Persona 4 Golden and will be compatible with upcomin Vita games such as Minecraft. There are some notable absences such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush & Tearaway, but considering those games make heavy use of the Vita’s touch features, that’s not surprising as it would be very hard to translate that to a more traditional controller. I for one, will be pretty psyched to be able to play my ever-growing collection of Vita titles on my TV with PlayStation TV.


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