Rumor: Final Fantasy XV Demo Coming In 2015 With Purchase Of FF Type-O HD


Since last year’s showing, we haven’t seen much of Final Fantasy XV, leading to speculation that even though the title has been in development for quite a few years under it’s original title, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, it still may be a long ways off from release. But Game Informer may have jumped the gun on announcement for a demo for the title, which means Final Fantasy XV may actually see release next year.

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Game Informer’s website has pulled the piece after putting it up several hours ago, but of course this is the internet and everything gets preserved forever the second it goes up. This means this news of a Final Fantasy XV demo is most likely something Game Informer was sitting on and someone just accidentally published way too early. And that leads to reason that the game will likely be out sometime next year as well, because why release a demo for something that’s more than a year away from release?

In case you can’t read the print in the image, the article states that Final Fantasy Type-O HD for Xbox One & PS4 is coming out March 17th and will come with a voucher for a free download of a demo for Final Fantasy XV, According to the article, it could not be confirmed that the demo would be available the same day FF Type-O releases, so it may be for whenever the demo comes out, which would still be 2015. Certainly reminiscent of the old days where Square would try and get you to buy a game you weren’t necessarily interested in just to get a demo of the upcoming main Final Fantasy game…


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