GTA V Next-Gen Release Dates Finally Announced


Finally, all those hundreds of gamers left in North America who haven’t already picked up GTA V while waiting for the next-gen releases can soon end their wait. Rockstar Games has announced on their blog that GTA V will be released on November 18th for the PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version will be released next year, on January 27th, 2015.

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There will be several changes coming with the newer versions of GTA V. In addition to further draw distances and a higher resolution, things like new weapons, vehicles and lifestyle activities will be included. Additionally, the improvements in RAM these consoles (and high-end PC’s) have will allow for more wildlife, traffic, dynamic damage and weather effects, plus a more realized foliage that makes your surroundings look real.

With the lack of things like raids and other content in GTA V Online mode (that was supposed to be added in months ago), it’s clear that a great deal of focus went into porting the game and developing it further on the PS4, PC and Xbox One. Plus, with the ability to transfer your characters and content to a platform of your choosing, jumping right back into Los Santos and Blaine County will be easier than ever to accomplish. That’s likely what Rockstar had intended, as I’m sure they expect to make GTA V one of the best-selling video games (that isn’t packed-in with hardware) of all time.

GTA V is coming to the PS4 and Xbox One on November 18th, while the PC version lands on January 27th, 2015.

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