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Madden 15 To Drop Ray Rice From Game


Just as the scorn facing Ray Rice from all facets of the media are justified, so too are the actions of EA Sports. The development team has decided to removed the disgraced former Baltimore Ravens running back from their recently-released football game, Madden 15, starting this Friday.

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Ray Rice had been released by the Baltimore Ravens and suspended indefinitely by the NFL earlier, after video footage leaked by TMZ showed him viciously punching his then-fiancee (now wife) Janay Palmer in the face, her falling to the floor and Rice dragging her from out the elevator they had been in. Previously, the only footage of the February incident showed Rice dragging Palmer out of the elevator, which the NFL deemed worthy of a first-offense two game suspension before seeing the newest video (as the NFL implies) for the first time. A NFL team plays 16 games per regular season, meaning that Rice would have normally been sat for just 12.5% of his team’s guaranteed games.

Normally, player names or players removed from games like Madden 15 are for copyright reasons, including Japanese imports or minor-leaguers in Major League Baseball that join a major-league team mid-season in a roster update. I remember adding in Stephen Strasburg in MLB 10: The Show during a June 2010 update, only to see come create-a-character in his place with his stats and dominant fastball. However, in light of the most recent horrific events, I’d be surprised to see if Ray Rice is ever on a professional football field again, let alone if future titles beyond Madden 15.

Congrats are in order to EA Sports and the entire Madden 15 crew for doing the right thing, and as promptly as possible.

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