Some NHL 15 Features To Trickle In Post-Launch


What is sure to be the biggest console release this week (to those who don’t like MMO shooters, but instead prefer the sub-genre of “ice bash”), NHL 15 has already been reported to lost a fair number of key gameplay modes and features. The loss of gameplay features has been going around to other EA properties, as of late, however EA Canada aims to at least alleviate some of NHL 15’s losses.

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Operation Sports is reporting that the popular hockey sim (at least, popular among fellow Canadians) will be receiving free updates as the hockey season comes along. Setpember sees a Playoff Mode, 3 Stars at the end of each game mode and updates to the Hockey Ultimate Team. October will see the bigger additions, including online team play and the GM Draft. Online team play is the 6v6 multiplayer mode that many NHL 15 fans will look forward to, as each and every non-referee position can be human controlled.

While it’s unfortunate that EA Sports wasn’t able to get a great deal of series-standard content into NHL 15 at launch, especially when the developers have had the dev kits for PS4 and Xbox One for about two years now, at this point fans of the good ol’ hockey game will have to take what they can get. With no confirmation that EASHL will be eventually coming to the new game, however, it’ll be up to fans to determine what functions are necessary to their individual overall experience when deciding at what point in time the game is worth picking up.

NHL 15 is out on the PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 tomorrow, September 9th, in which is will compete for retail dominance over some space shooter. I wonder who will win!

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