Sherlock Holmes Crimes & Punishments Lets You Play Dressup (Video)


While dressing up characters in video games is usually reserved for the most detailed of extensive RPG series or the lewdest of Newgrounds flash games, in Sherlock Holmes Crimes & Punishments it is a key aspect of crime-solving. As the recently-released gameplay video indicates, Focus Home Interactive wants you to know that, as Britain’s greatest detective, pretending to be anything but is a means to an end.

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In the video, we see Sherlock Holmes preparing to investigate a suspect named Patrick Cairns. Seeing as he is a sailor, the titular character of Crimes & Punishments needs to dress the part if he is to blend in at a very surly London pub. That means no longer wearing an iconic or dashing suit, or even a clean-shaven face, but adopt a more scruffy look. A pair of overalls, hat, white shirt, glasses and mutton chop-sprawling beard does the trick, as Sherlock Holmes gets to know his suspect a lot better after winning a game of arm wrestling.

What will be interesting to find out upon playing further is if you can botch your costume in Sherlock Holmes Crimes & Punishments, thus spurning stealth interviewing opportunities for certain missions. As the second half of the game’s title implies, there is a certain aspect of dolling out judgments and punishments as a detective that have a lasting effect on the overall story. You can mess things up by implicating the wrong person. You can also get it right, but let the suspect go if you think they shouldn’t be subject to jail. Hopefully you can try to show up to Patrick’s abode in a full suit and see some hilarious fail states that roadblock the process of one lead.

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments will be released on the PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 30th.

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