Bayonetta 2 Nintendo Direct This Thursday


Want some more details on Nintendo’s upcoming hardcore action game, Bayonetta 2? Good news, because Nintendo of America just announced on twitter a new Nintendo Direct focused purely on Bayonetta 2 coming up this week.

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The Nintendo Direct for Bayonetta 2 will take place this Thursday, September 4th at 3pm Pacific time. No clear details on what will be covered, but with a direct focused on the game with it being a little over a month away, Bayonetta 2 hopefully will not be bitten by the delay bug that not only has be hitting so many October releases, but often hits Nintendo titles as well. Bayonetta 2 was recently confirmed for an October 24th release on the Wii U. In case you needed additional incentive, don’t forget that it also comes with the first Bayonetta game, which makes it a pretty damn attractive package and well worth picking up for any Wii U owners.


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