First Trailer For Resident Evil Remaster


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Well here’s the first trailer for the Remastered version of the Resident Evil Gamecube remake, courtesy of Gamespot. Maybe we’ve gotten spoiled with all the remasters of games that already looked great and just came out a year or two ago, but I’m not digging this one too much, It really doesn’t look much different from what I remember the Gamecube version looking like. Granted, it has been a long time and maybe I’m remembering it differently, but the visuals don’t look anywhere near what you should be able to achieve on a PS3 or Xbo 360, let alone a PS4 or Xbox One. Maybe that’s what you get when you simply throw an HD sheen on a game that old that doesn’t have a distinct visual style that will stand the test of time like say Wind Waker. Oh well, at least the hilariously awful dialogue seems intact. Resident Evil is due out in “early” 2015.


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