Here’s What Destiny PS4, PS3 Players Get Exclusively


The power of suggestion can have a drastic impact on a product. For example, anecdotally, among my friends who have a passing interest in gaming, they had mostly thought that Destiny was a PS4-exclusive title. The way that Sony has marketed the product onstage at conferences like E3, it seemed to them like they were doing a reverse-Titanfall, like how Microsoft bought out 3rd party exclusivity. To clear the air, I showed them this video, which explains what exclusive content is coming to PlayStation that Xbox players won’t receive (for now, at least).

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As you can see from the trailer, a variety of Destiny guns, maps and clothing gear and more are available only on the PS4 and PS3. Such exclusives include the “Exodus Blue” multiplayer map, the “Dust Palace” Stike map, Titan, Hunter and Warlock gear sets, the Monte Carlo auto rifle and the Hawkmoon hand cannon.

As the fine print suggests near the end of the trailer (albeit, a bit bigger in size than normal fine print), the exclusive Destiny PlayStation content will last until at least Fall 2015. It means that these maps and equipment extras could become available for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 in at least a year’s time. However, you’re only going to get the white console bundle, packed in with Destiny, with Sony and the PlayStation 4 for the September 9th launch.

h/t PlayStation Blog

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