Stand-Alone Kinect On Sale In October For $149


Well, if you’ve gotten an Xbox One without Kinect, were you thinking somewhere down the line that you might pick up Kinect for your console? How Much would you be willing to pay for this add on when buying it with the Xbox One was only $100 more?

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Well, Microsoft thinks the right price for the stand-alone Kinect is $149, that’s what they intend to sell it at as a separate add-on peripheral starting October 6th.

I can’t imagine for whom this will possibly appeal to. Most people who will buy an Xbox One sans the Kinect will never see the value in paying anything more for the peripheral, let alone $50 than it would have cost to get it with the system. On top of that, Microsoft has not really done anything to support the Kinect in a long time. I’m not even talking about games, they never talk about it anymore, it doesn’t even really exist to them.

I am really surprised this is something they are even trying. I understand that the Kinect is not a cheap piece of hardware, but I can’t imagine many who would buy it at this price except as like maybe a gift for somebody who bought a Kinect-less Xbox One, but again I seriously doubt those people would want that.


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