GameStop President Still Backing Nintendo


Depending on where you live in North America, betting on non-sanctioned realms (like Poker at a friend’s house, or on baseball as a baseball manager) could be against the law. Yet, those laws are continually broken each day by the common man and woman. GameStop president Tony Bartel wasn’t even trying to hide his gambling habits when speaking to investors during an earnings call, saying, “Don’t bet against Nintendo.” At least, that’s what GameSpot reported. Bartel’s status as a confirmed gambler is unknown at this time.

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“We’ve been very consistent every time we’re asked about the [Nintendo] Wii U,” Bartel alleges. “Really what they needed was two things: they needed strong first-party titles, which we think that they are getting; and they also needed to do a better job of explaining exactly what the connected tablet–as we like to call it–how you actually use that. I think they are going to do a great job on both of those.” Furthermore, Bartel believes that he “would also not sell amiibo short, either.”

The upcoming Amiibo toy line is something that I personally believe could be the determining factor for Nintendo’s future success, in conjunction with the release of Super Smash Bros on the Wii U right before Black Friday during the holiday shopping season. While I think they will still be third in terms of overall console sales by the end of the generation, the possibilities made with those data-storing figurines could have an immeasurable impact on the way gaming content is sold and marketed in the future, while still generating profits.

Who knows if Nintendo is the one to send us into a dystopian “toys as DLC” future following the suit of Skylanders, but I can guarantee it will still carry the same air of “Nintendo being Nintendo.”

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