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Microsoft Testing 24 Hour Game Trials On Xbox One


Generally one thing that has really been lacking in the latest generation of consoles is demos. There’s plenty of legitimate reasons for this, but it still is unfortunate that you can’t really test out a game to see if it’s worth your hard-earned dollars.

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Microsoft may be looking to change all that on a least a limited basis. People in the U.S. participating in the Xbox One console beta have noticed that several games like Sam & Max: The Curse of Brotherhood are unlocked with the label of “Free Play Day with Gold.”

Not many further details are available at this time, but the program could have pretty huge implications. I would imagine the 24 hours is a period it’s available rather than something you can download and have 24 hours to play the game as most games (especially smaller digitally titles) could easily be beaten in 24 hours if someone had a day off and that would negatively affect potential sales. No official word from Microsoft on how exactly this program will work, but all indicators point towards official announcement in the near future.


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