Xbox 360 Still A Thing, With 500 GB Hard Drives To Boot


You’d think, with the advent of the newest Microsoft console, the Xbox One, that the gaming, software and technology company would be focusing more on their future. Instead, they will take a bit of their games development efforts into improving the Xbox 360 and its hard drive space, with GameSpot reporting a 500 GB hard drive for the 7th-generation console will become available “soon.”

More from Microsoft

The $110 Xbox 360 HDD listing, available on the website (among other gaming products), doubles the current hard drive space offering of the 250 GB Xbox 360 E package, while adding 180 GB over the current standalone hard drive of 320 GB that costs $20 more at $130.

While that’s neat and all, I’m not sure why creating a propriety hard drive device specifically made for the Xbox 360 (the only kind that the 360 supports internally) is of importance heading into the second year of the Xbox One. I mean, outside of the 1 TB Xbox One hard drive that comes built into the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare upcoming bundle, the only current internal Xbox One hard drive offering is the vanilla 500 GB HDD. When you have just one game on the Xbox One take up 47 GB of space, the memory will get eaten up very quickly, and should be more of a concern than improving a 9 year-old, outdated (by technological definition, not by quality) platform.

Either way, we’ll be looking out for an official release date once Microsoft lets us know.


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