Pierce Brosnan Plays GoldenEye 007 Like The Old Man He Is


Pierce Brosnan is a 61 year-old celebrity. Having never grown up in an era where video games were becoming prevalent purchases for the home and spending most of his time since then acting in films, it makes sense that he wouldn’t be as invested in, nor skilled at, playing video games. That’s why it should come to nobody’s surprise that when he was challenged to play

GoldenEye 007


Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show

that he ended up being pretty terrible at the game.

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To be fair to Pierce Brosnan, the control scheme for GoldenEye 007 is fairly outdated and difficult to get into when you immediately pick it up and start playing. Taking into consideration the fact that he was on a television show with hundreds of thousands (if not, more than a million) viewers and had to act like quite the charming individual to keep up his public persona, and you have a case where a man plays with a three-pronged controller without knowing the button layout failing in front of a television audience.

Still, though, it doesn’t mean it isn’t at least a bit funny to watch!


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