New King’s Quest Won’t Be A Point & Click Adventure Game


I’m sure many were suspicious of Activision’s revival of the Sierra brand. More so when it was stated the Sierra would mostly focus on independent games. But hey, we’re getting a new King’s Quest game! It’ll be a brain-teasing adventure with point-and-click mechanics like the classic games, right? Not so fast.

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Activision’s MacLean Marshal spoke with Game Informer about the revival of the Sierra brand itself and the King’s Quest series, and made it pretty clear that the new King’s Quest will not feature similar gameplay to the old King’s Quest:

"They are doing a contemporary reboot of King’s Quest. It’s not just an HD port,”There’s not much I can say about King’s Quest, Marshall tells us. “All I can say is that I’ve seen it, and it’s not a point-and-click game. But it looks *** awesome."

Ugh, as a fan of the King’s Quest games & the old Sierra games in general, that greatly worries me. I’m pretty sure an old school point-and-click game is exactly what anybody would want out of a new King’s Quest game. If they aren’t doing that, it’ll just piss people off and they’d be better off trying this with a new IP.


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