BloodBorne Will Be Less Punishing Than Dark Souls


One of From Software’s trademark features of the Dark Souls series is its extremely punishing difficulty. Fans of the series would argue that it is indeed tough, but very fair and the difficulty only adds to the sense of accomplishment when you do succeed.

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For From Software’s PS4 exclusive title Bloodborne, the company has made it clear that while they are trying to keep fans of the Dark Souls games happy, they are also definitely trying to appeal to a wider audience with Bloodborne and are making it a little less punishing.

Producer Masaaki Yamagiwa said fans of the Dark Souls series are extremely important as they will be the “main ambassadors” for Bloodborne, but he also wanted more people to “share in this experience”.

"“You died a lot in the previous games, and you had to persevere, but one of our main goals with this game is that we don’t want to focus on punishing the player.“We want to deliver a game that gamers love. If the gamer likes the game they’ll definitely like it enough to have that bit of perseverance, but the way in which we’re making the game? The sense of punishment is much less.”"

Yamagiwa did say that people playing the demo at Gamescom shouldn’t be concerned about the lack of challenge, as they purposely lowered the difficulty so more people could actually finish the demo and the retail version of Bloodborne will be more difficult.


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