Gamescom 2014: BioWare Announces Shadow Realms


At Gamescom in Germany, BioWare took the stage during EA’s press conference to announce a new game called Shadow Realms.

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Being developed by BioWare Austin, Shadow Realms is an online game that mixes action, horror and RPG elements. It uniquely pits a single player against four, not unlike Turtle Rock Studios’ much anticipated game, Evolve. It’s inspired by classic pen-and-paper cooperative gameplay. You can either take on the role of the Dungeon Master-like Shadow Lord who controls “every aspect of the game” or any individual in a four-person team trying to defeat it.

Not too much was revealed visually other than a fairly rough trailer, some screenshots of the alpha and some concept art. Described as a “modern fantasy world,” the game mixes loads of demonic creatures with both urban areas and some beautiful high fantasy aesthetics.

However, there were enough details revealed to get the hype train moving. The company stressed that “because this is a BioWare game, story is at its heart.” The narrative will be updated episodically, “playing out like over time like a great TV series.” Thanks to that “continuously updated story” and an “ever-changing world, no two trips to the Realm will play out the same way.”

You can head over to in order to register for the chance to participate in the closed alpha build which takes place some time next month.

Shadow Realms will release for PC sometime at the tail end of 2015.

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