Sony Gamescom 2014: Volume is a Beautiful, Stylized Stealth Game


During today’s Sony press conference at gamescom 2014, Sony showed a short trailer with footage of Volume. Volume is a new stealth title from the creator of Thomas Was Alone, Mike Bithell.  Bithell’s most recent brainchild sports some incredibly striking visuals, featuring bright colors and stylized character models. Unlike many stealth games that stick to black and slightly-less-black, the impressive palette in Volume is sure to catch gamers’ eyes.

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In Volume enemies use the classic Metal Gear Solid ‘sight where the cone is’ to show off where players are safe to be. However, instead of only showing this cone on the mini-map, it is imposed directly onto the field of play, making for a smoother experience. That’s not the only thing different from MGS, though. The environment is malleable, and provides players opportunities to use decoys and projectiles to distract enemies.

The gameplay and visuals both look quite interesting, but one could argue the sound is just as impressive. Throughout the trailer, the conversation between the two parties feels completely natural – something that isn’t often said of dialogue in games. The music is also incredibly emotive throughout. If Volume can find a way to naturally mix that type of music and atmosphere with stealth gameplay, consider me sold.

Do you enjoy this mix of art and stealth? Notice anything in the trailer we didn’t? Make your voice heard in the comments below!