Sony gamescom: Driveclub Weather, Club Racing Details




will likely be the PS4’s only exclusive this year to come to retailers as a physical product, it makes sense that Sony used the time at their

gamescom 2014 Press Conference

to update viewers about their upcoming racing simulator.

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Lately we have received but a tease about the game’s weather system, but today we got a bigger glimpse into the dynamic weather system available in Driveclub. Players can set up races so that inclement weather can occur at any time during the race, or set up certain climactic scenarios involving sleet or snowy blizzards just when you’re approaching the final lap. It’s all about creating new and different gameplay experiences over time, getting players out of their comfort zones some time after “mastering” the tracks.

Additionally, Evolution Studios talked about the online team aspect of Driveclub, noting that when you form a club, your club progresses based on collective individual and team-based race results netted online. With a companion app available, you can keep up to date on your team’s progress as it happens live with updates or livestreams, should one ever feel the need to do that in real life.

Driveclub will be released exclusively on the PS4 on October 7th here in North America. We’ll be here covering the events and news coming out of gamescom 2014 all week, so stick with us at GameSided!


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