Sony Gamescom 2014: The WiLD Set To Come To PS4


Coming from Wild Sheep Studies, headed by the creative director behind Rayman and Beyond Good and Evil, Michel Ancel, WiLD is an online survival adventure game set 10,000 years ago when animals and humans existed in nature as one. Check out the trailer showcasing some of the beautiful environments below:

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When describing WiLD, it was made clear that you will be able to inhabit any of the living creatures in the game from humans to wolves. As an online survival adventure game, this is taking a bit of a different route than most these days looking to capitalize on the zombie zeitgeist. Here you will be looking to survive in the wilderness of the past inhabiting various creatures and working together with friends as different animals or in a pack it seems. This could be a promising adventure, especially if the entire soundtrack is as nice as the trailer.

Currently, there is no release date attached to the game, however do let me know what you think about WiLd on PS4.

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