Rime Is a Colorful Cel-Shaded Puzzle Adventure


Today during the Sony press conference, a new Rime trailer was released. Showing the young male protagonist running around a lush island and interacting with his surroundings, Rime conjured up memories of several games. It is clear that developer Tequila Works has taken inspiration from a large number of games, while crafting Rime into an experience all its own.

Rime takes inspiration from several other titles – from Myst to Journey to Wind Waker. Good thing they’re all classics.

Visually, Rime is as stylish as they come. Sporting a colorful cel-shaded vibe, it’s reminiscent of Wind Waker, Journey, Flower, and Ico. The main character, a young boy, fits the same mold. His clothes and face are quite simple, but in motion they have a surprising amount of character. Character and environmental design have gotten a lot of love from Tequila Works, and it shows.

Good thing too, because it seems like the world itself will play a major role in Rime. The unnamed boy is stranded on this island all alone, unless you count the wildlife. The entire trailer is spent watching our hero navigate the island, exploring new areas and hopping around. But despite the lack of action, it honestly looked like a ton of fun. Modern-day sandbox games are often heavily action based like GTA or The Elder Scrolls, but if Rime ends up being an equally open world, I can see myself getting lost exploring that abandoned island for hours.

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While the new Rime trailer didn’t show much by way of puzzle solving we can expect to see a good amount of it. The official Playstation blog says players will “guide the boy through the island helping him unlock the puzzles… and finding them is just a matter of perspective.’ The keyholes all around including the pinnacle of the mysterious island. One can only imagine these keyholes will lead to puzzles the boy must solve, or may even be the puzzles themselves! A non-violent, exploration-based puzzle adventure? That takes back to the days of Myst. And that’s a very, very good thing. 

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