As Of Now, Playstation 4 Has Sold 10 Million Units Globally


Today during Gamescom 2014, Sony announced it has sold over 10 million Playstation 4 units since the global launch. This is a huge mark for a console that has been out less than a year, and in some countries less than 6 months. This puts PS4 squarely in the lead of the console race over the less powerful Xbox One and a Wii U that has seen recent improvements, but is still struggling to sell units. 

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While it is far too early in the console cycle to claim Playstation 4 as a definitive winner, their upcoming first-to-Playstation 4 lineup coupled with the staggering amount of units sold makes a strong case for Playstation’s continued dominance going forward.

Do you see Playstation 4 staying in the lead of the console race? Or will Xbox One or the Wii U be able to make a run for its seat in the near future? Make your voice heard in the comments below!