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Sierra Entertainment’s New Project Headed To Kickstarter


UPDATE: Activision has laid out their Sierra Entertainment plans going forward, including Geometry Wars 3 and others.

ORIGINAL: Activision-Blizzard is not a small company. They’re worth an estimated $16 billion in market capitalization, and are listed on the NASDAQ at over $22.50/share at press time. Yet, for some reason, they brought back Sierra Entertainment from the grave in order to make a video game that requires a Kickstarter project. This is in accordance to the company’s Twitter account, who imparted that implication earlier this morning.

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Unless Acitivion’s plan is to buy Kickstarter and make it into their own crowdfunding service for Sierra games, I see absolutely no reason why this should be taking place. Kickstarter was created for the purpose of generating funds for projects that may not have otherwise been made through the power of community believing in the idea or the concept. I guess, seeing how much of a joke the site has become with a guy getting $55,000+ to make a damn potato salad and that the company has removed the “No ‘Fund My Life’ Projects” restriction from their rules, Activision wants to see just how much they can get away with.

This news could mean that whatever Sierra Entertainment is making or revealing in the coming days has to be for a fairly niche audience. Perhaps it’s along the lines of a classic-style adventure game that doesn’t seem to do well anymore? (outside of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, of course) Whatever it is, with the gamescom 2014 tease marketed on the website, it won’t take too long for us all to find out.


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