Operate On Your PS4 With Surgeon Simulator Next Week


Surgeon Simulator was a weird and crazy little PC game released last year where you played a surgeon, but you had to control your individual fingers, leading to it being way more complex then it first appeared (and pretty funny too). It featured a variety of interesting operations including alien experimentation.

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Now the game is coming to PS4 as Surgeon Simulator Anniversary Edition on August 12th, and will inlcude “all the best parts” from its Steam & Ipad release. Bossa Studios Community Manager Poppy Byron has stated that there will be “something very cool” that’s exclusive to the PlayStation 4 edition, but wasn’t ready to announce it yet.

"“Our awesome (and twisted) dev team wanted to make sure that this newest version of the game was even more nightmare-inducingly fun and are just making the final touches to the new mode making sure everything is tickety-boo,”"

If you’re not really familiar with Surgeon Simulator, check out the trailer for the new anniversary edition below to get an idea of what you are in for:


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