Tropico 5 Banned In Thailand, Because People Are Dumb


Tropico 5 is not a fairly popular series. Even when it comes to life and town-building simulations, there are much bigger fish to fry in the market. That doesn’t diminish its quality, but more indicates how sad it is that the military junta government in Thailand has banned the game from sale in the country. According to GamasutraTropico 5 is not allowed within Thailand because of the game’s storyline, which “might affect peace and order in the country.

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It’s all about perspective. My guess is that someone tipped off the Thailand military government about how players control their own island country with their own edicts, tariffs and taxes, while being held accountable by the people. Something about the notion of having to care for your citizens’ greater good by building essential services (lest they rebel or you have to become corrupt yourself) might have said to them that Tropico 5 cannot become available in the country.

Depending on the coverage, though, it may result in unintended consequences; I doubt a great number of people within Thailand would have heard about Tropico 5 weren’t it for their public ban of the game. I wouldn’t be surprised that, like what Prohibition did in the 20’s, the gamers of the country will be driven by being told not to do something that is inherent in their nature to play the game, especially when it is an ordinary thing that is now considered taboo. They should; it’s a quality title for a very niche community. Now that some of the in-game edicts reflect their current lifestyle, it would serve as quite the poetic irony.


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