Hyrule Warriors: Zant, Ghirahim, Ganondorf Confirmed Playable


Based off of previously-released information, we knew that both Zant and Ghirahim were involved with the upcoming

Hyrule Warriors

hack-and-slash game. However, as revealed through the

Hyrule Warriors Direct

, both characters will become playable in the game, as well.

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Plus, just before ending the Hyrule Warriors livestream event, which effectively detailed what it’s like to play a Dynasty Warriors game re-skinned with Zelda characters without having to go into the nitty-gritty details like inevitable “monotony,” Nintendo also revealed that Ganondorf will be added to the playable characters list. He looks a bit beefier than he did in Ocarina of Time, but less so than in The Wind Waker. I’d say he looked most like in Twilight Princess, but it’s clear that the character model is more of an amalgamation of several Ganondorf iterations.

Today’s streaming event brought a great deal of relevant information towards the mildly-interested Zelda fan who owns a Wii U and may have wanted to check out Hyrule Warriors, but wanted to learn more. It covered a fair bit more than what I gathered from my first impressions playing the game, including tactical Cucco’s, Chain Chomp weapons as well as other aspects of Zelda-related fan service. Which is more than fine when it comes to a spinoff title; it’s all about cashing in on the IP. I just wish that either Nintendo or Tecmo Koei didn’t have to push for “select retailers” pre-order bonuses, even if they did include a set for early adaptors that register the game on Club Nintendo (which is okay, in my book).

Hyrule Warriors will be released exclusively on the Wii U this September 26th.


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