Bioware’s New IP Has New Teaser, To Be Revealed At GamesCom


Bioware had a very frustrating tease at E3, mentioning a new IP, but literally saying nothing else about it. Since then, we’ve had a pretty short brief live-action teaser and not much else.

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Well now Bioware has released a second teaser that tells us this new game will be revealed at Gamescom on August 13th. You can see the teaser for yourself below:

The teaser obviously does not reveal much, but some have speculated the title may be Shadow Realms, which is a name EA trademarked several months ago. This is pure speculation on my part, but I would guess based on the name and the teasers we’ve seen so far, that Bioware’s new game might take place in present day (or at least the very near future) and possibly focuses on people with special powers in some kind of covert agency (hence the name Shadow Realms).

Of course, the trailers could have little to do with the actual game that Bioware ends up unveiling, but given that rpgs that aren’t fantasy worlds or far off futures are kind of a rarity, it would be a welcome change of pace to have one set in roughly present day. Either way, I’m a pretty huge Bioware fan, I’ve really enjoyed all their console games to date, so I’m pretty pumped for whatever new universe they want to take me to.


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