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Destiny Six-Player Raids Locked To Friends Only


In a move some would regard as dumb, and others would regard as “really dumb,” upcoming MMO shooter Destiny and its six-person raids are currently slated to operate with friends only, with no option to include matchmaking with strangers, Eurogamer reports. The news spawns from an IGN First interview, in which they describe end-game raids as “one of the pillars of the game.”

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“It’s a bit of a risk,” Bungie writer Luke Smith admits. “Because the activity requires you to have a group of five other friends to play with…The activity is going to take you and your group of five buddies into a place that you’ve never been. A place that you will return to frequently. And [it will] demand of you things you’ve never even really been asked to do in a shooter before.”

I kind of get what Bungie is going for. They’re trying to push the MMO idea of Destiny fairly hard, emphasizing the need for extreme co-operation and teamwork in order to get through a tough series of encounters over a great deal of time. We all know that even some of World of Warcraft‘s toughest 40-man raids only had a 30.3% chance of survival if everyone worked together optimally, and what can happen if one man can run into a room screaming his name at the top of his lungs.

At the exact same time, it’s extraordinarily unfortunate that Destiny won’t allow you to include matchmaking with strangers for end-game content, but does allow you to do so with almost every other form of play. It prohibits the accessibility of play for those that like to play video games, but either have friends that don’t own a similar console as you, or even play video games at all. The way to get around this would be to ask or accept random friends on social media to get into high-level Destiny play, in which why the hell even have it a friends-only experience anyway, at that point?

Destiny will be released on the PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 9th.


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