F2P MMORPG Neverwinter Coming To Xbox One


One area the PS4 is really killing Xbox One is free-to-play games. Right now you can get a PS4 and play games such as Warframe or DC Universe online without paying anything extra. That’s tons of content without even having to pay for a PS+ subscription. Sony showed a sizzle reel at E3 with even more in the pipeline such as PlanetSide 2 and Kingdom Under Fire 2. Theoretically you could buy a PS4 and never buy another game and still have plenty of stuff to play.

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Though slow to start, Microsoft is dipping their toes in the free to play market. They are getting Warframe, and they are getting Neverwinter, a fairly high profile PC F2P MMORPG that at least for now is not coming to PS4.

"For over a year, countless heroes have carved out their sagas with spells and steel in Neverwinter. Until now, the quests and characters that have transported players to the world of Neverwinter have been limited to the PC. As a new era dawns in the gaming world, so does a new chapter in Neverwinter’s existence. We are proud to announce that Neverwinter itself will be journeying into new territory—Xbox One!Coming in the first half of 2015, the Xbox One version of Neverwinter will feature the same fast-paced combat and epic dungeons as its PC cousin. We’re looking forward to offering Xbox One players a chance to explore the world of Neverwinter and realize their heroic destinies!We will be releasing more details as the release date gets closer! Until then, check out this article from our friends at IGN for an in-depth look at what Neverwinter on Xbox One will bring!"

Now, you’ll still need a Xbox Live Gold Subscription to play Neverwinter, but considering all the positive buzz I’ve heard on various podcasts about it, I’ll be pretty excited to try it out when I do eventually pick up an Xbox One.

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