Pillars of Eternity Gameplay Video Released For The First Time


Full Disclosure: I pledged money to the

Project Eternity/Pillars of Eternity

Kickstarter project almost a year before I had ever professionally written about video games in any form, let alone for GameSided.com.

What certain projects are trying to do through Kickstarter is fairly admirable; trying to bring back the isometric CRPG through crowdfunding. In the ultimate end, it may turn out to be a niche field that may not be as profitable as one would hope, but for the renowned RPG developers to be bringing back the likes of Planescape to the 21st Century is still quite an admirable venture. Ahead of the backer beta on August 18th, Obsidian developer Josh Sawyer and others have offered preview coverage to the likes of sites like Giant Bomb, showing off gameplay video as well as offering details surrounding his company’s upcoming CRPG: Pillars of Eternity.

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While a great deal of non-visual information surrounding the preview has been known to backers for some time, it’s great to see how it works in real time. For example, the Pillars of Eternity character creation is certain to pique the curiosity of RPG fans. 6 main races, including the standards and unheard creations like Aumaua, Orlan and Godlike, span off into their own subraces to choose from, allowing the player to pick where in the land of Eora your character comes from. Furthermore, you can pick between 11 classes, attribution point distribution, appearance, voice, even the culture in which you grew up in!

Once actual gameplay kicks up, you can see the trappings of Baldur’s Gate take into effect. Parties travel, discuss, engage in real-time-with-pause combat and work together to solve puzzles in beautifully-crafted environments. The video being shown is just the opening moments of the game, but Sawyer also revealed that you can craft your parties to your liking based off of hiring companions to travel with you. Even if the game wants to offer you story companions, you don’t have to take them. It’s great to see Obsidian take a more Dungeons & Dragons approach by letting the player craft the story within the DM-esque crafted world that surrounds them.

The video goes into a great deal more of Pillars of Eternity information, so make sure to check all of it out yourselves. The game will be released on PC, Mac and Linux hopefully later this year.


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