Bungie Opens Up The Destiny Beta To Everyone


Had trouble snagging a free Destiny code for your console of choice in order to try out the beta everyone has been talking about all week? I’ve got some awesome news for you: Bungie has decided that as of 4 pm Pacific Time today, they will open up the Destiny beta to anyone who wishes to try it out, provided they have either a PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold Account.

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"The Beta has been eye-opening so far. We’ve watched the world of Destiny come to life. Guardians from every platform have arrived at the Tower from their battles in the wild. We have watched your adventures with great interest, and listened to your feedback. Your missions have provided us with volumes of discoveries we can use to prepare for the launch of Destiny in September.Our work is not done. There is more we can learn. To make this happen, we need more Guardians to play. This is, above all else, a test.Today, at 4:00 PM PDT, we’re opening the Destiny Beta to anyone who wants to create a character and walk in their boots. There are, of course, some requirements. You’ll need to have a compatible console equipped with PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold. You’ll need to be brave."

So if you’ve been itching to see those wizards from the moon that everyone has been talking about (and kill them), fire up your console and join everybody else the awesome Destiny beta for the last few days before we all have to wait until September to experience the full game.


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