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Halo Composer Martin O’Donnel Wins Bungie Settlement


Well that didn’t take too long to settle, at all. VentureBeat has the news that composer Martin O’Donnel (Halo series, Destiny) has won a legal settlement with his former company at Bungie. The original lawsuit was over unpaid wages amounting to $38,385, but due to the settlement Bungie will pay double damages, as well as attorney’s fees and interest, resulting in $95,019.13 awarded to O’Donnel.

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From this lawsuit, observers gained previously-unknown information about both Bungie and Martin O’Donnel. For example, the lawsuit claimed that the Halo series has grossed an estimated $3.4 billion, which is an outstandingly huge amount of money for creating just a handful of games. It would definitely make it one of the more profitable gaming franchises of the last while, although it will take some time before it touches the likes of the Mario, Zelda and Final Fantasy franchises.

Now that the lawsuit is settled, I hope that Martin O’Donnel finds new work soon. It would be quite comical to bring him back onto the Halo series at 343 Industries, but no matter where he goes, a booming orchestral soundtrack will follow.


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