Madden 15 NFL Rookies See Their Ratings To Hilarious Results


The way the NFL operates, many of its first round draftees of the incoming season can make a direct impact right from kickoff at Week 1. Many of these rookies, however, need to get a reality check before their egos overwhelm them and start to create locker room problems. That’s where EA comes in, as several of the top NFL rookies were asked for a video what they thought their Madden 15 ratings would be, right before a representative from the gaming company revealed to them what their true ratings will be.

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It’s quite telling to see not only what players think of themselves, but how they react to someone saying they are regarded lower than they think they are. For example, Jeremy Hill of the Bengals doesn’t want his speed to be below 90, Khalil Mack of the Raiders doesn’t want to be around the low 50’s, Sammy Watkins of the Bills thinks he should be way up at the top at 99 and Johnny Manziel sets his sights for around 88-92. Meanwhile, Blake Bortles, prospective QB for the Jacksonville Jaguars, just wants to know what his punting rating is!

The reactions are the best part. Some take it in stride, including #1 overall pick Jadeveon Clowney of the Texans, but others like Eric Ebron of the Lions, just wants to get the guy who ranked him’s email to give him a piece of his mind! It’s all in good fun, as the actual ratings for Madden 15 will go live later today. We’ll have that covered, too, even if it isn’t as fun as this.

Madden 15 will be released on the PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 on August 26th later this year.


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