Cosmo Breaks Ocarina Of Time World Record With Sub-18:30 Time


Normally I don’t like to make posts about popular speedrun world records, especially involving Cosmo Wright, being broken due to the fact that it’s likely to keep getting broken over the course of a few months (if not, weeks). However, Cosmo’s recent record-breaking attempt at Any% of

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

is special for many reasons, outside of the fact that it’s the first one to be completed in under 18:30:00.

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First off, the beginning of the Ocarina of Time world record run here was fairly sloppy, especially for Cosmo standards. The run was even at +9.9 seconds off the world record, entering the Deku Tree! Then, right through to beating Gohma things were looking up. However, that’s where Cosmo’s AmaRec screen capture device seemed to get a bit screwy, as the video display became choppy. Something as crucial as that failing in the middle of a run should throw off the concentration of anyone, especially while in a time-losing pace, but Cosmo powered through.

Eventually, it came down to the run-turning move, as Cosmo pulled off a gold split by performing an excellent frame-perfect, 8/100 chance HESS while escaping Ganon’s Castle, doing that segment of the run faster than he’s ever done while running Ocarina of Time before. That completely turned the tables for him, as Cosmo finished the run in 18 minutes and 29 seconds. It was really, really close to taking 18:30+ long, but he managed to squeak by and complete the remarkably-difficult task live on his Twitch channel.

I highly recommend checking out the Ocarina of Time run above, as I doubt you’ll ever see a world record speedrun for a popular game be broken with a start as middling as this one in a long time. It’s quite conceivable for the game to be beaten in 18 minutes and 20 seconds or less (Cosmo’s current overall goal) based on this run, and we’ll have it up on our site when that time comes. Until then, congratulations go out to Cosmo!


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