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Xbox One Sales More Than Doubled In June


Microsoft has some pretty good news to boast about. According to their own Xbox Wire, the new Kinect-less Xbox One sku helped boost overall system sales to more than double in June from the previous month. Well, that and the “strength” of their holiday line-up, according to Microsoft.

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One mysterious thing is missing. Actual numbers. Microsoft hasn’t said exactly how many Xbox Ones they’ve actually sold. And of course if it’s actual units sold or units shipped to retailers, which is a pretty significant difference.

But being that Microsoft is a publicly traded company, they can’t outright lie about numbers. In May, they sold 115,000 Xbox Ones. There weren’t any big exclusives in May, and Microsoft had some pretty positive press coming out of E3 along with the $100 cheaper Xbox One without the Kinect in June. It would be quite easy to imagine they did demonstrably better in June. It would actually be kind of depressing if they didn’t.

Of course that begs the question of how many units did Sony sell? They had an impressive E3 as well that should help continue their momentum and with games like Destiny getting very positive buzz and being positioned as “best” on PS4 that should help boost their sales.

Finally, recent history has proved you really never can count out Nintendo. Mario Kart 8 is a title that sold huge in May, second only to Watchdogs, which was out on every home platform but the Wii U, and really helped boost sales. On top of that, Mario Kart (and really AAA Nintendo games in general) have an incredibly long tail after launch, selling well for months and sometimes years afterwards. With that and the extremely positive buzz they got from E3, they could pull out an upset win in June and carry that momentum into the holidays.

The bottom line here is that sales are likely up across they board, and that’s good for everybody.


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