LeapFrog Creating LeapTV, $150 Edutainment Console For Kids


Step back, PS4! Take a seat, Xbox One! Wii U; maybe show some competitive concern.


is reporting that LeapFront, the children’s educational company behind many learning-focused toys, apps and games has decided to enter into the gaming console business. They have created LeapTV; a $150 games platform aimed at children aged 3-8 that plans to get youngsters thinking, moving and learning while playing video games.

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Everything about the LeapTV is built with the child in mind. The controller is smaller, can be used to guide motion detection, and will use a simple control scheme for kids who are not as dexterous as older game users. With 100 games coming with the launch window later this year, the goal is to create a “Learning Library” developed for children.

It seems like a great idea. Not only will LeapTV help to dispel the notion to parents that games are harmful properties, but will create an early base of the gaming community that will evolve over time to appreciate some advanced games as time goes on. Educational games have always been a good tool for learning in schools and at a young age, but to create a console dedicated solely to those types of games will build a home that other developers can build their games towards.


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