Grim Fandango Resurrection Also Coming To PC


It looks like Sony announcing Grim Fandango is to be retooled and released once again was mostly to generate hype material during E3 2014, as the adventure game looks to be released on other platforms, too.

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That’s right, Tim Schafer will be taking the time (seemingly after Double Fine will finish Broken Age and Hack ‘n’ Slash, as well as post-release of Costume Quest 2 and Massive Chalice) to bring the cult-classic to computer devices at launch; back where it all began.

Although there seems to be a tepid excitement for Grim Fandango from the hardcore (and, let’s face it, aging) gaming community, it makes sense to re-release the game on the PC not just because of its traditions, but for the fact that the developers will have to find buyers wherever they can. It’s more of a cool niche reveal than anything, as the pixel-hunting adventure game genre has not done well in this or the prior decade. Sadly, thought-provoking puzzle exploration games that are generally difficult tend to alienate an industry that constantly likes to dumb down the barrier for entry.

Perhaps that is for the best. The adventure genre has made a small comeback, but while wearing a story-driven mask in games like The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. Who knows; with LucasArts acting as a games licensor now, maybe more adventure games like Grim Fandango will make a small resurgence. Time will tell.


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