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Children Allegedly Sold By Parents To Buy In-Game Virtual Items


It goes to show that extreme video game addiction to the point of child neglect is not strictly a North American concept; it’s a terrible atrocity committed around the world. Sina Games has reported that a couple in China have been accused of selling two of their children to human traffickers, with the intent to use their money for gaming.

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The report says that the first child, unplanned, was sold to human traffickers in Fujian by the parents to prevent the flow of funds normally spent by the father on buying items in online games and spending time in internet cafes from being used to raise their baby. When the mother became pregnant once again, they yet again sold their second child for the exact same purposes. It took the grandfather of these children to painstakingly have to report one of their own children themselves to the police before the couple was arrested. They now await trial.

Addiction is a terrible thing, and is a problem with many faces. While it may take other forms in drug and alcohol abuse, even in its seemingly-harmless form of playing too many video games, sometimes the byproducts affect those you love that surround you. The couple allegedly involved in this case clearly valued the husband playing video games over having to deal with the consequences of creating a child, and shows one of the extreme situations that can take place when push comes to shove. Hopefully, their justice will be met swiftly.

h/t Kotaku


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