Watch Dogs Has Shipped 8 Million Copies


Holy ship! As Joystiq has noted, Ubisoft has released its Q1 2015 financial reports, which states that the open-world, action-adventurer hacker game Watch Dogs has shipped more than 8 million units to retailers. Ubisoft CEO and co-founder Yves Guillemot sees this great early success as a jumping off point into a much bigger future for the intellectual property.

"The success of Watch Dogs and the quality of our games portfolio presented at this year’s E3 highlight our strategic positioning as well as our continuous drive for innovation, and affirm our long-term approach. Watch Dogs is now well positioned as a major franchise and we will be able to replicate and build on its success in the coming years."

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While the game does have its flaw, Ubisoft were quite ambitious with their first title in the Watch Dogs series. While that may mean that we could eventually see the series become annualized and get the Assassin’s Creed treatment, it should hopefully mean that the series will also adapt and better realize itself. Assassin’s Creed II benefitted greatly from learning from its mistakes, especially when it came to putting up all of those flags around the map.

There’s a great opportunity to be built into that series, and to do that they have to stray away from following the Grand Theft Auto clone path. Watch Dogs, with its seamless single-multiplayer and its interconnected city, has a prime opportunity to build upon a strong idea and compete to become one of the genre’s best. 8 million sales in the first 6-ish weeks will just begin to plant the seeds of success; hopefully Ubisoft doesn’t overwater the plant in an effort to see it grow.


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