Known Halo 3 Easter Egg Finally Discovered


When developers tease that their upcoming or recently-released games will feature some well-hidden Easter eggs, usually their most hardcore of fans will devote all their efforts to find them all in a timely matter. For Bungie and Halo 3, it ended up taking almost 7 years for its fans to find the last known hidden secret, as Beyond Entertainment has done just that yesterday.

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It turns out, the way to unlock the Easter egg is to hold down both thumbsticks during the Halo 3 loading screen. The catch is that it has to be on December 25th, yet it wasn’t a Christmas-related secret to be discovered. In fact, it was a Happy Birthday wish from Bungie Studios Senior Engineer Adrian Perez to his wife, Lauren. The text is visible among the layering along the Halo architecture, especially if you slow down playback.

It’s a cute Easter Egg, one that is very personal and very difficult to discover. Too many developers are too trigger-happy or eager to have their secret content discovered, to the point of having to announce how to discover their Easter eggs just months after their games are released. To purposefully misquote Field of Dreams‘ Terence Mann, as so many have unintentionally; “If you build it, they will come.” It’s fun to uncover mysteries within a game, especially with such a fan base that exists with the entire Halo series. It will be found, eventually. Even if it has to take almost 7 years to dig it up.

h/t Kotaku


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