Maybe That Driveclub Delay Was Justified (Video)


When I heard that new Driveclub footage was being teased today on Instagram, I had readied the must cutting of snark possible to decry the long-delayed racing simulator. However, after checking out the footage on the PlayStation Blog, what ended up happening was me shutting my mouth and dropping my jaw to the floor.

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This is the absolute best way to show off why dynamic weather is such a plus when it comes to all racing games, let alone Driveclub in general. In addition to the rain and wind shown in each of these videos, snow can also pour down on certain maps. Plus, since the weather system will be dynamic (and not stagnant), the incoming sun can dry up the rain on the roads and ultimately change how each race feels in a matter of laps.

Plus, just seeing how much more beautiful Driveclub is in motion compared to preview footage shown leading up to the launch of the PS4, you can see that Evolution Studios may have been justified in creating their delay. The screen tearing issues seem to be gone, and the quality of both the cars and the interesting environment surrounding them seem to be a lot more photorealistic than anything I’ve seen from the PS4 yet. If this is a game coming out in the PS4’s first year, I can’t wait to see what both the PS4 and Xbox One can do near the middle and end of their console life cycles!

Driveclub will be released in North America on October 7th, exclusively on the PS4.


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