Cliff Bleszinksi Returns To Create Arena Shooter BlueStreak


In an ultimate effort to confuse both Martin Lawrence aficionados and video gamers, Cliff Bleszinksi (designer of Gears of War, Bulletstorm) has taken to Twitter today to announce that he will be pairing with Nexon to create a free-to-play arena shooter on the PC, with the current code name of BlueStreak.

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That’s right, Cliffy B. has now gone from creating some of the more creative and enjoyable 7th-generation shooters with Microsoft and EA to working with the people that brought you MapleStory and Combat Arms to create a free-to-play science fiction arena shooter. At least he’s taking a great stance by not releasing a CG trailer showing fake gameplay. Whenever companies do that (it’s becoming ever popular) it becomes frustrating as someone who wants to view the authentic product.

Either way, even if I disagree with the prospects, props go out to Boss Key Productions and Cliff Bleszinksi for putting himself on the line to create something that he wanted to do with his own company. Even if BlueStreak will be published by the people who pioneered microtransactions, at least it’s another dream accomplished. More than many can say.


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