Shoryuken To Teach You To Play Fighting Games For Free


One of the most difficult things about getting into fighting games is the community. Not to say that they are actively forcing people out, but with their wealth of knowledge into the technical aspects of how to succeed in the FGC, it can become quite intimidating for a newcomer to get into games like Ultra Street Fighter IV or King of Fighters XIII. That’s why someone at Shoryuken has just released a free Beginner’s Guide eBook as a means to help get more gamers into the fighting game community.

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With this expertly-timed release (just ahead of Evo 2014), From Masher To Master: The Educated Video Game Enthusiast’s Fighting Game Primer (Super Book Edition) is 135 pages of straight up fighting games knowledge and humor from Patrick Miller, with the goal of easing novices into the splendid world of games like Street Fighter II and IV, among others. Furthermore, it breaks down terminology so even an entry-level reader who may not know what terms like “frame advantage,” “juggling” and “chains” mean can quickly understand within a proper context.

It’s not meant to be read by people who have an expert-level understanding of fighting games and FGC, so there’s likely going to be a decent amount of salt by those who may be biased towards the fact that the main game of focus is Street Fighter II. However, the eBook seems to provide quality information and in-game illustrations, signifying both how to understand and improve your quality of play within all fighting games from a solid base in one of the most universally-loved classics.

A link to the Fighting Game Primer is available here for free.


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