Destiny Beta Begins July 17th, Collector’s Editions Announced


Now that the Alpha has been wrapped up and certain improvements have been made to the game, it looks like now is the time for the Destiny beta to be released to the public. Bungie has stated on their official beta trailer that the Destiny Beta will begin on the 17th of this month on PlayStation consoles. IGN is reporting that after a 4-day period in which the PlayStation beta wraps up on July 21st, the Destiny beta will be re-opened on July 23rd for Xbox consoles, as well as PlayStation consoles once again. The beta period will finally end on July 27th, giving PlayStation users 8 days of beta, as opposed to Xbox’s 4 days.

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Additionally, Bungie has announced three sets of Destiny Collector’s Editions of the MMO-centric space shooter. The “Ghost Edition” contains a steelbook disc case with a physical copy of Destiny, a “handwritten” field manual, an “antique” star chart, Guardian folio, 4 postcards from the in-game “Golden Age,” digital content that is CE-specific (Ghost skin, emblem, ship skin), a life-size Ghost robot replica (complete with lights and dialogue samples from voice actor Peter Dinklage) and a Destiny Expansion Pass that gives you access to the two planned expansion packs; “The Dark Below” and “House of Wolves.” (valued at $34.99)

Courtesy of IGN.

The full “Ghost Edition” will cost $149.99, with the Limited Edition running up at $99.99 (it excludes the Ghost replica) and a $89.99 Digital Guardian Edition that offers a digital code instead of disc, in addition to bonus digital content.

It is quite interesting to see that Activision will be going forward with Expansion Packs, rather than with ongoing DLC or microtransactions. As someone who greatly appreciated expacs when they felt like they built upon the content within the game and gave it something entirely different (Diablo II‘s Lord of Destruction expansion comes to mind), we’ll have to see if Activision faithfully sticks to that idea of bringing premium content at a premium price. With $500 million invested into the franchise, they can’t afford to make any mistakes and have people not buy into what they’re selling.

Destiny will see a full release on PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360 on September 9th.


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