Steam Game ‘The Tower’ Accidentally Launches Seven Months Early


Talk about Early Access! It appears that an overzealous moderator for Steam Early Access title, The Tower, had accidentally released the complete edition for several hours on Steam yesterday afternoon. The game was supposed to be released in early 2015, but due to an oversight, it shot up to the top of the Steam homepage’s “New Releases” tab.

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The Tower was a 2012 Indie game that saw the protagonist wrongfully kidnapped and placed in an 11th-century prison tower that saw opportunity for escape. Drawing level design inspiration from Dark Souls and problem-solving gameplay from other titles, the 2015 release on Steam will see additional features, crafting systems and a renewed look based on community feedback.

The early release seemed to have caught the developers at Narrow Monolith off guard. In response to someone asking if the game had been fully released, a developer named Dante Knoxx replied, “Oh, Christ! I recently gave Zakk access to our back-end as a Moderator, so I could concentrate on working flat-out and remove some of the community strain from my workload, and the fool has released us seven months early!!”

In the end, The Tower has reverted back to its Early Access mode, and irrevokable damage seems to have been avoided. Maybe Narrow Monolith should do a better job of vetting potential moderators next time!

h/t Kotaku


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