Report: Crytek Staff In UK Refusing To Work


And everything was going so well for the creators of Ryse. According to Jason Schreier’s sources at Kotaku, the independent game developer, Crytek, has seen a “bulk of employees” refuse to show up to work at the Crytek UK offices after staffers have reportedly filed grievances with their employers after not receiving their full wages for their work.

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Additionally, the sources state that the boiling point began when a sequel to Ryse was cancelled after Crytek disputed with Microsoft over who maintains ownership rights to the franchise. Another rumor is stating that the publishers of upcoming Crytek game, Homefront: The Revolution, in Deep Silver, are in discussions over what to do next. The grieving employees are supposedly supportive of Deep Silver purchasing the studio so that the development of the upcoming Homefront game can see its completion.

Quite a lot has changed over the years at Crytek. The creators of the CryEngine and the Crysis series seem to have not earned as much from their recent game entries (including Warface) as they had hoped, especially if they can’t pay hard-working developers to the bone. This is the same company that boasted about how their employees were crunching to meet the deadline for Ryse, showing a lack of awareness that forcing employees to work overtime to meet deadlines should not be something to be proud of.  It’s not a surprise to hear employees walk out, and hopefully those who do not receive payment they were promised for their work will receive it as soon as possible.


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