Report: Airtight Games (Murdered: Soul Suspect) Shut Down


For all intents and purposes, based off of first-hand accounts and confirmation with movers on site, GeekWire has revealed that Airtight Games has shut down production. Just weeks after releasing the mediocre Murdered: Soul Suspect, in addition to the 14 employees laid off back in April, the independent game developers had sold their office equipment and a visit to the company’s location saw a sign outside that noted a sale, with the “company closing doors.”

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GameSpot had also tried to get in contact with company executives by email, but instead received a “mail delivery failed” message. Airtight Games had previously released titles Dark Void and Quantum Conundrum before releasing their ghostly murder mystery title in early June.

It’s always disappointing when people lose their jobs. The games market is tough, and success is dictated by sales. When you start a company in 2004 and your first game is released in 2010, with only one title being a critical success and none of them are arguably financial success, companies like Airtight Games will be shut down sooner rather than later. Those who worked there that dared to think inventively beyond the established ideologies within the gaming industry; here’s to landing on your feet somewhere else, and soon.


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