Grand Theft Auto 5’s Trailer Gets Recreated In Real Life


The first Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer is remade in real life in Madrid. This video by the dedicated fan filmmakers at Zapruder Pictures recreated the announcement trailer for the blockbuster Rockstar game shot-for-shot in Spain.

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It’s a really detailed effort with nearly every location and incidental character matching the original video as closely as possible. Mimicked camera angles, matched character clothing and appropriate vehicles are all here, with CGI used to replicate more expensive scenes like the helicopter shot and car crashes. The video has the game’s trailer running concurrently in the corner for you to compare them on the fly.

The title’s developer, Rockstar Games, approves of the effort, calling it “awesome.” The timing is pretty great, too. This is practically the halfway point between Grand Theft Auto 5’s initial release on last-gen consoles and this year’s touted updated rerelease on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

This isn’t the Spanish filmmakers’ first foray into video game fan films, either. They have tackled other notable properties like Max Payne, Red Dead Redemption (they must really like Rockstar properties) and Call of Duty. You can view them on their YouTube channel, where you can also find behind-the-scenes videos for each.